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Jubilee is located in the small town of Comer, GA, about two hours east of Atlanta and 30 minutes east of Athens. From the end of our driveway, it’s a 10-minute walk into downtown Comer. Over the decades, we’ve been very thankful for the supportive relationships that we’ve had with our neighboring churches in Comer and our local public school, as well as local businesses and the town government. A number of former volunteers or long-term Jubilee staff have settled nearby in Comer, and we are grateful to have them as neighbors as well.

Around 2010, several families of former refugees from the Karen and Karenni ethnic groups in Myanmar began settling in our town, and now the Karen and Karenni community represents a significant part of the local population. We’ve developed close relationships with many of these families and with the local Karen Baptist Church, and shared meals and celebrations with our Karen and Karenni neighbors have become another important part of our community life.