Faith Beyond Borders

by Don Mosley (Abingdon Press, May, 2010)

Faith Beyond Borders: Doing Justice in a Dangerous World is full of reasons for celebration and compassionate action – in a world full of violence and suffering. As Don says in the introduction: “this book is not a gloomy prediction of inevitable disaster. On the contrary, it is a narrative of hope. It is about the genuine joy and adventure of trying to respond faithfully to our most overwhelming challenges. And it is, most of all, about the exciting realization that the God who created all of it is right here in the thick of things with us.”

With Our Own Eyes

by Don Mosley with Joyce Hollyday (Herald Press)

With Our Own Eyes is the dramatic story of a Christian response to the wounds of war, racism, and oppression. It tells the story of how our community has striven to follow Jesus and be peacemakers in a world of violence. Through those efforts, God has blessed us again and again!

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