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Visit Jubilee

We are very glad to welcome visitors interested in learning about the life and work of our community. The best time to visit Jubilee is during the week or on a Sunday evening. If you visit for the day, you will most likely eat a meal or two with us and take a tour of the property. If you visit for longer, we can arrange for you to join in the work of the community while you are here. Our guest rooms are simple dorm-style rooms with a shared bathroom in our main community building; we sometimes also have guest apartments available for families. 

We occasionally host groups from colleges and churches for visits of up to a week. Group visits typically include learning sessions oriented around issues that are important to our community as well as times to join in our work. The work and the learning sessions can be tailored to the interests of the group. 

If you are interested in visiting Jubilee, either individually or with a group, please contact our guest coordinator by calling (706) 783-5131 or emailing Individual visits should be arranged at least a week ahead of time (earlier is better, since our guest space is limited). Group visits are generally arranged several months ahead of time.