Welcoming new families

Life has been full welcoming three new refugee and immigrant families into the hospitality program: one asylum seeking family is from Haiti and two refugee families from Karen State in Burma who spent several years in refugee camps in Thailand.

At least one of the families plans to stay in the Comer area long-term because they already have family who are established locally. And the other family from Burma has been befriended by Karen friends in the community who can be seen enjoying evenings on the porch and meals at the picnic table.

With these families come six children, four of whom will attend the public school and two who will go to the Jubilee child care. This also gives us the biggest adult English language class we’ve had in a while: a total of five students in the introductory level and one in the intermediate level.

This month all of the Jubilee staff children returned to public school. Please pray especially for one of our students who is starting at the public high school after several years of home schooling. Another focus of this month is the transition to our fall term, which brings goodbyes as well as new volunteers. Thank you for your faithful support and encouragement.