Making Butter with fresh Jubilee cream!

Smooth as Butter

The fall term is now underway, and we are very thankful that we have enough volunteers to keep up with the teaching and childcare schedule (as well as the gardening, driving Welcome Center guests to shopping and medical appointments, etc.). Typically, we have about five to seven volunteers who stay for the whole term (which lasts three to five months), but this fall we have people coming and going at various times, so it is a bit confusing!

Our new volunteers include Johwa and Eunjung, a Korean couple (now living in Atlanta) who learned about Jubilee during the husband’s doctoral research on new monasticism and intentional Christian communities. We have also welcomed Lynette, a psychologist from South Carolina, and Joanna, a writer with also twenty years of work and community life experience at St. Francis Farm (Catholic Worker) in upstate New York.

Here are several specific prayer requests on our hearts:

Welcome Center
– The daughter and newly born granddaughter of a woman we recently hosted. They made it through a  complicated pregnancy and the baby girl is well, but conditions in the hospital in their country are very poor.
– The family of another woman we are hosting who are in an unsafe living situation in their country.
– Open doors and hosts for these family’s/individuals’ next steps.

Jubilee Staff  
– A former volunteer who is living in Athens and has been struggling with frequent falls.
– Long-term resident partner Sue’s younger brother John who is in the final stages of cancer.