Decorating the Cross on Easter Morning
Angels Dance and Sing Outside the Empty Tomb

Practicing Resurrection

When together we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection every spring, the details of our gatherings look a little different depending on who is here with us as volunteers and guests. One highlight from this year was a beautifully transformed library space (where we hold our weekday noon devotions) with new wooden crosses (made together by the volunteers), many white candles in glass holders, and several hand painted calligraphy signs with verses, for example, “Your sorrow will turn into joy.” – John 16:20. On Sunday morning as we walked up the hill to the cross at sunrise, we were greeted by an angel dancing outside the empty tomb as we sang “Christ the Lord is risen today.”

Even as we remember God’s gift of new life, we have recently been faced with an especially challenging past few months at Jubilee. Two members have broken a bone after falling from a bike. Another partner was just involved in a minor car accident with thankfully no injuries there. Matt and Elizabeth Hussey (residents since January 2019) and their two daughters are moving to an upstate N.Y. Bruderhof community at the end of May to discern possible membership there. We also ask that you join us in prayer for hard things that cannot be explained in this brief context but that we know we can surrender into God’s hands.

Finally, our spring newsletter is on its way!