Terri Steinberg with Journey of Hope
shares her story with us.

Mutually Encouraged

We are excited to be beginning our first ever Land Internship this month with Maggie and Chris and their young daughter. They have committed to be with us for most of the year to offer continuity and focus on the hospitality work we do on the land. We are also delighted that the Dunham family has returned to spend the spring with us.

We recently hosted a few guests from Journey of Hope (www.journeyofhope.org), a group that bears witness to the healing power of love in the face of violence. The stories they shared about choosing to connect with the needs of everyone who is affected by violence resonates with Jubilee’s long history of visiting people who are imprisoned on death row. We were mutually encouraged by our time together in our respective efforts to seek out pathways of healing in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for your praying with us as we have been responding to a variety of health needs in recent months. We continue to praise God that a man with us from Burundi came through a life-threatening emergency a couple months ago. We are still hoping to get to the root of his health challenges. In the meantime, we are enjoying fellowship with him and his wife at meals, prayer, games, and gatherings. 

Thank you for your support, and may peace and strength be with you in this new year.