Making Christmas cards for friends in prison at our annual Advent crafts time

Making Christmas Cards

Although the community has been hit lately by many minor (and a few more serious) illnesses, thankfully, most of us were able to gather on Christmas Day for an evening service of singing and a nativity drama organized by a young community member, complete with a newborn (three-weeks-old) baby Jesus. We celebrated the new year and wrapped up the school break with what has become somewhat of a tradition, renting a bounce house for all the children (and some adults too!) to enjoy.

One of our newest local connections is with Athens Area Diaper Bank. We are so thankful for this organization that provides 400,000 diapers per year to families in the Athens-area, allowing them to keep their children clean and healthy, help save money for more groceries, and also increase employment opportunities for parents (by supplying diapers for use at daycare or preschool). A number of other nearby organizations, churches, or individuals have reached out to us (or responded to requests) in the past year, and it is always encouraging to work together to find ways to serve and grow together. Another example is a doctor from our local Georgia Medlink office volunteering her time for an on-property health class with the moms we host. We’ve had to reschedule due to sickness, but we look forward to a nearby Baptist church coming here to host a cookout for us soon.

We also look forward to visits from several former volunteers this winter. We have welcomed just two new volunteers (a couple from KS, cousins of long-term member Robbie Buller) and have four folks returning, which makes for a lower-key orientation. Please pray for two of these returning volunteers who are recovering from Covid with complications, that they would make a full recovery and soon!