Summer Volunteers pose by the garden with freshly-harvested cucumbers.

Friends and Fruits

Many long-time friends have come to visit us in the past month. Chico and Tatiana, along with their family and friends of Ford Heights, spent a week with us, sharing witness of God’s love and faithfulness in the slow and steady work of healing and weaving families together. We mutually encouraged and challenged each other in the breaking of bread, volleyball, and sharing stories and prayer. Chris and Dianne Fuller came for several days, leading one of our Sunday worship services, loving on the kids, and lending a hand with maintenance projects. Sage and Samuel Frese also visited and shared stories about their life and work in Guatemala. We’re thankful for the many relationships, here and abroad, that keep us in touch with God’s love at work in the world. Thank you for your prayers for all of us.
We are also beginning to enjoy the fruits of the summer harvests! Two new Volunteers, Christa and Moose, have joined our three extending Volunteers for the summer, and we’ve shared several mornings in the gardens, collecting cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, and this year’s spotty harvest of blueberries. The kids especially are enjoying dips in the pond between thunderstorms, and the first tastes of watermelon.