Russ, Jared, and Chris transform our
blueberry prunings into woodchips to
spread as a mulch early this spring.

Celebrating our "Landterns"

One of the most exciting things about this spring has been having dedicated land interns as part of our resident volunteer program for the first time! The position is shared by a couple, Chris and Maggie, who with their daughter will continue with us through the 2024 growing season. Between their hard work and the frost-less spring, this will likely be one of our most fruitful seasons yet. We are already enjoying all-you-can-eat mulberries and sending out invitations for free blueberry picking to local partners.

We have also been enjoying Maggie’s cooking at lunch every week and look forward to Chris’s potato harvest, a crop we don’t usually make time to keep up with. This is our first year growing our main sweet potato crop (a Jubilee staple) in the Neighbor’s Field, and we are hopeful that will give us more opportunities to connect with folks working in their plots there. Maggie has been spending a morning every week pruning grapes or gardening with one of the women in our hospitality program. Chris has experience with a method our land team had been wanting to try in the garden already: laying out silage tarps to kill weeds, start a new garden spot, and end cover crops.

Thank you for your continued support as we try new approaches with the resident volunteer program. We also have openings for the Family Services and Accompaniment Internship, which you can read more about here