Nazareth shared her wonderful
enchiladas with us at potluck.

Blast from the Past

During the months between Christmas and spring break, Jubilee is often blessed with many visitors. This year was no exception.

Among the many special visitors we received recently, one family stands out. Nazareth and her son, Daniel, lived at Jubilee 22 years ago. At the time, Daniel was only eight months old. After their short stay at Jubilee, they returned to their home in Mexico. Now, 22 years later, they were finally able to return to this place she had told her son so much about.

Nazareth was overflowing with emotion as she toured the property. She was particularly flooded with grateful memories of the past as she turned the key to unlock her old Jubilee apartment. She ushered Daniel in with tears of joy brimming in her eyes. She expressed her gratitude to Jubilee for being there for her in a difficult moment in her life. She did this with words, but also by filling our stomachs with tasty enchiladas later that night!

In Mexico, Nazareth studied law and served as an attorney and judge for many years. Her work in that area has ended, so now she’s exploring new possibilities. Daniel and his two siblings are all enrolled in high school and university. Please join us in praying for the future for her and her children.
(Published with permission)