Living Word Fellowship joining us for noontime devotions in the K-House

A Visit from Living Word Fellowship

Another hot and busy summer has begun! School is out, and the Jubilee youth are enjoying their free time as well as helping community members with caring for the younger children, thistle weeding, cooking community lunches, and many other projects. Five new volunteers have joined us for this term. They are especially full of fresh energy for teaching English classes, cleaning (even on Saturdays!), and community activities. We are so thankful and encouraged!

Earlier this month we hosted a church group from Whitewater, Wisconsin called Living Word Fellowship. Several highlights of our time together include:
• Digging out earth and pouring concrete for footers on our new pavilion shelter near the school
• Children’s activities (by Living Word) for Jubilee kids as well as two Karen families from Comer
• Educational sessions with Jubilee staff on a variety of topics such as the death penalty in GA (and the US) and agriculture at Jubilee
• Cooking and sharing meals together.

As a community, and especially for those of us who work most directly with the refugee families we host, we have been seeking opportunities to learn more about recovery from trauma. Community novice Brenda recently attended the Strategies for Trauma Awareness & Resilience (STAR) training that is offered several times each year by Eastern Mennonite University’s Center for Justice and Peacemaking. She will prepare a presentation for the community to share what she has learned.